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I don't know what to wear!! Don't worry, part of working with me is getting oufit adivce! Keep scrolling to find out more!


coeur d alene family photographers

The moments I will capture of you as family will be ones you will want displayed in your home. I will help you choose and design which photos you would want as artwork. My packages come with a certain amount of artwork designed  for your home!

starting at $950

Family Sessions

Once you fill out my contact form we can schedule a time to talk all about your family and answer any questions you have right off the bat. 

Free consultation call 


Once we have chatted , I will send you the three different  photo package options. You can  pick which options suit you best. 

Choose your package!


Once you have chosen your package, we will schedule your session and make the magic happen!! I will work with you to plan what to wear and where do take the photos! So you won't need to stress about that! 

Your family session! 


Within two weeks after your session you will receive your online gallery and get to choose which photos you would like as artwork for you home! Once those are ordered, I will come to your home and help you put them in the perfect place! 

Gallery & artwork delivered 

Hillary Coombs 

Emily has been my photographer, and has taken many family photos for us for the past few years. She does such beautiful work and is very talented! The photos I have from Emily are treasures. I would recommend Emily to anyone!

"Emily has been my photographer, and has taken many family photos for us for the past few years."

Yes! We will plan to meet sometime before your session and talk about what colors go well together and even go through what you already have so you don't have to buy new clothes! 

I have no clue how to plan outfits for photos, will you help with that?

Yes, of course! We all get insecure in front of the camera; I love to take the time to get to know you so we are well acquainted and comfortable with one another. 

I feel insecure in front of the camera, will you help me feel comfortable?

I’m sure you have lots of questions, I have answers!

It will take 2-3 weeks for me to deliver your online gallery. Your prints will take  longer because You will need to pick the ones you want printed. 

How long will it take for us to get our photos?

Yes! I love capturing kids and family as who they are so if they are running around,I will be taking pictures of that! And we will make sure to get at least one of everyone together smiling!! 

My kids are wild, will you be able to capture them?

we must be the right fit! Head over to my contact page and let’s chat! 

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