5 reasons to book your wedding photographer right away!

As a Coeur D Alene Wedding Photographer, I want to say Congrats on your engagement!! Have you been asking yourself when should I book my wedding photographer? Here are my five reasons why I think it needs to be one of the first vendors you book!

My first reason is you will get time for your engagement session! I include a complimentary one in all my wedding packages!

My second reason is it gives you and your wedding photographer have a good amount of time to get to know each other before your big day! You definitely want to be comfortable with someone who will be documenting such a important day in your life!

My third reason is it will allow plenty of time to talk about timeline and time to make changes if needed! I include a timeline consultation in my wedding packages!

The fourth reason i would give is it will give time for a wedding photographer to coordinate with other vendors if needed.

The last and 5 reason i will provide is you will get the full experience of what the photographer as to offer!

Coeur D Alene Wedding Photographer

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